Instagram post by @hollyblues Holly Brannigan

Cups, Broken moons and a wee house inspired by one that @katebowman___ made last year and I can't get it out of my head.


  • 48w ago katebowman___ katebowman___

    Stunners! Keep crafting your beautiful things xx

  • 48w ago hollyblues hollyblues

    Ah I just text you, you're very prominent in my thoughts these days my love x❤ @katebowman___

  • 48w ago katebowman___ katebowman___

    SUCH a lovely message to receive! I've had your makings in my mind today as I sit surrounded by books. It's felt like you have been making for the two of us! x ❤️

  • 48w ago whooperswan whooperswan

    Outta this beautiful world X

  • 48w ago hollyblues hollyblues


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