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【Swipe for Step-by-Step】
🍚: Matsutake Japanese mixed Rice
🌸: Sakura Siew Mai
🌱: Sakura ebi spinach namul
🥕: Carrot mariné with walnut and olive oil
🐰: Bunny Kamaboko
🍲: Color麩 Instant Matsutake Clear Soup (HAHA sorry can't resist Japanese pun)
Today's #lazymamacookinghack points:
1.Matsutake (松茸) is the Japanese equivalent of black truffle. Very rare and expensive. Loooove the flavor! Both the rice and soup use instant stock so it's cheap and fast! 😜
2.Today I saw on TV that microwave heated vegetables have more vitamin preserved compared to boiling/blanching!
So I microwaved the spinach, super fuss-free and time-saving!
The pink siew mai (I anyhow named it Sakura siew mai haha🌸) is wrapped with shredded kamaboko🍥, which I bought during my trip to Ehime Prefecture.❤︎(*´∇`*)


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