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Hi! I'm Tiffanie; mom to an all-knowing, wants-what-he-wants toddler who sometimes loves me so hard I don't remember how I lived before him. Other days, he chooses selective hearing. (Wonder where he gets that from!)
Today, we shared life with some other mamas who can relate to what this season of life looks like. Our kiddos fought over toys, yet laughed and ran through sprinklers and played in a 3'x3' pool together. They, also, kept us so busy that no-one snapped a picture.
This is me breathing, resting (while #MyBoy naps, of course) and reflecting on how blessed we are to be parents. How lucky are we? God gave us a person that we're totally responsible for, and we get to watch him grow, learn and do life. It's fun!!!
What season of life are you living and loving?
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