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As a follow up from my last post, here is another video with my porcelain slips. Here I am casting layers of different colored slips for a carved piece. This will be a 5 layered cup with all different blues and greens!! Excited to see it out of the kiln. 😊😊 .
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  • 48w ago rebecca_carragher rebecca_carragher

    I love your stuff

  • 48w ago christycardella356 christycardella356

    I could watch slow mo drips all day 😁

  • 48w ago killianwatts92 killianwatts92

    How do you get the cup out of the mold ?

  • 48w ago petals.and.posies petals.and.posies


  • 48w ago melimeshen melimeshen

    Marry me

  • 48w ago ashleylaurence ashleylaurence


  • 48w ago goldenratio goldenratio

    @joepblackmore check this guy out. He's awesome

  • 48w ago jaynek jaynek

    So.. noob question but do you have another piece to hollow it out or does that happen by hand after the liquid has hardened

  • 48w ago in_the_eye_of_me in_the_eye_of_me

    @forestceramicco where did u got the plastic cast from!?! Or did u dis it ur self !?!

  • 45w ago abbyrosemandel_fineart abbyrosemandel_fineart

    You don't ever share your slip recipe do you? I'm desperately wanting to play around with colored slip and need to get back into testing bodies.

  • 31w ago courageous.ness courageous.ness

    @forestceramicco Thank you so much for posting how you do this!! I've followed pottery pages for years just because I love the beauty of the craft. But I always wondered how this was done! πŸ€— @forestceramicco

  • 31w ago courageous.ness courageous.ness

    @jaynek he pours a layer inside *empties out the excess, and puts another layer inside, and repeats the process. I was thinking the same thing you were for a moment from another video.

  • 31w ago jaynek jaynek

    @courageous.ness thanks!

  • 30w ago treblamme treblamme

    I guess once fired the colours change dramatically.. You have just answered a question I asked in another post with black and white marbling πŸ‘

  • 30w ago forestceramicco forestceramicco

    @treblamme yes they do! Also I've run multiple tests with different %of stain to get the color I want.

  • 30w ago treblamme treblamme

    It's curious how you shake it so...I'm guessing you won't want to share too many trick of the trade, which is understandable for the time you must have invested in finding things out for yourself.

  • 30w ago forestceramicco forestceramicco

    @treblamme you will be surprised how many answers you can find in my posts :)

  • 30w ago treblamme treblamme

    @killianwatts92 I should think if this is a plaster mold, once the clay dries a little and the rim has been trimmed, it will basically loosen from the sides and 'drop' out when turned upside down..

  • 30w ago treblamme treblamme

    @forestceramicco then I'll keep reading πŸ˜‰. Thank you!

  • 20w ago amycrayforreal amycrayforreal

    Love seeing the process here

  • 9w ago rochitesta rochitesta


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