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Instagram post by @dalimakeup DALIMAKEUP


  • 14w ago jojo_saddam_ jojo_saddam_


  • 14w ago mycurrentfaves mycurrentfaves

    😱 👍🏼

  • 14w ago beautymarked23 beautymarked23

    Love it! Great set. 🤗

  • 14w ago _diandravazquez _diandravazquez


  • 14w ago veronicacruzcruz86 veronicacruzcruz86


  • 14w ago viva_la_v viva_la_v

    How😱 I never have luck finding deals like this lol

  • 14w ago winsomeloves winsomeloves

    Only $10???? Let the odds be in my favor!

  • 14w ago lorim457 lorim457

    Good deal. Those just came out.

  • 14w ago respectmysparkle respectmysparkle

    Walmart is having a sale on the beauty blender for $4

  • 14w ago ephemeralfox ephemeralfox

    good deal

  • 14w ago nicolerausa nicolerausa


  • 14w ago sashaamalik sashaamalik

    That's amazing! RT do the BEST brushes!

  • 14w ago cyndromes cyndromes

    OMG that's such a good deal, especially for the fact that a set of 2 beauty blenders from real techniques is like 10 dollars now I believe??

  • 14w ago jojo_saddam_ jojo_saddam_

    On the freeway driving to very important appointment and saw T.J.Maxx had to stop ran inside and purchased and they had so many other things I love this TJ Max is so different than ours... Now that's a real addiction 😜😂

  • 14w ago lorim457 lorim457

    Thank you for sharing. My TJ Maxx had about 10 of these. I got mine today. Thank you again for sharing such a great deal.

  • 13w ago teresiita__71o teresiita__71o

    Got mines today and the pink ones 😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍💕

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