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Love the powerful social justice series from @tearawaywalls
Go check them out and read these words. 👇⠀
PLEASE GET INVOLVED BY SHARING AND REPOSTING. Help build a community with us by raising awareness of what this administration is stripping from the LGBTQ community, setting us back 50 years from the progress that's been made. #loveislove "Love is not something defined by others. It is defined solely by you. Once your love is whole you can spread it to the whole wide world!" Find empowerment in the words they call you. ⠀
In these chaotic times it's easy to lose grasp of hope for this troubled country.⠀
Yet if we open our hearts and our minds to the lush array of souls and energy that surround us every day we can find common ground. ⠀
And if we advocate others to try their best to learn just one positive thing about that person who may seem so alien on the surface, perhaps we all will discover that beneath the masks that we hide behind are actually more similarities than differences. ⠀
And one by one, may we shed these words of hate that are spawned by fear of the unknown. ⠀

#Model: and @shawn_gooden
#Photographers: @StevenTrumon & @GINGERB3ARDMAN
#Makeup: @makeupartbynoel
#Retouch Collab: @by.zarin
#TearDwnTheWall #LoveTrumpsHate #AmericaTheBeautiful
#UnitedNotDivided #ArtAgainstHate #TheRealismResistance #makeupbynoel
#loveislove #gaycouple #instagay #feminism #weshallovercome"



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