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"New motherhood can often feel like junior high, a time when you’re convinced everybody is watching your every move and talking about you behind their back. In this state of mine, the briefest moment of eye contact with a stranger can feel like you’re on the receiving end of snickering. We do this to ourselves — does that guy think my son shouldn’t be on an iPad? Do these folks assume I spoil my daughter because she’s throwing a tantrum? Is that older woman disgusted at the sight of me breastfeeding? What I came to realize over time is, in reality, most people just don’t have that kind of time for me. In real life, the only people alive who think of me that often are myself and, well, that little baby who will never again be so dependent on me.

I had to ask myself, what was the example I wanted to set? I made up my mind to get over what I assumed people were thinking, and just be." -@kewgardensmama shares her breastfeeding story. #thisiswhereibreastfeed 📷 by @augustabelle We want to share your story about breastfeeding in public on Well Rounded! Post a photo on Instagram showing us where you breastfeed, tag us and use the hashtag #thisiswhereibreastfeed. Or email us your story and a photo at info@wellroundedny.com. Make sure to post by Thursday June 15!

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