Instagram post by @britneytokyo Britney TOKYO 💅✨

Creating the perfect #SallyHansen #MiracleGel mani is easy & simple! I filmed it from my point-of-view (with the camera on my head!!) so you can see from my eyes how to do it yourself.
① file the tips in a gentle motion
②buff them for extra shine
③Wipe the nails with polish remover to remove oil
④Apply a thin coat of #MiracleGel in #RedEye
(※wipe off one edge of the brush against the bottle neck so all the product is loaded onto one side of the brush.
To avoid chipping, ‘cap’ the nails with a thicker coat near the tips.)
⑤Apply a coat of Miracle Gel Top Coat and you’re life-proof and good to go!
Hey @harunabarbiegirl , I challenge you to give it a try! it's 🔥You will love it❤️❤️❤️ @Sally_Hansen #spon


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