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Instagram post by @elizabethwarrenma Elizabeth Warren

I am #wickedproud to be from MA, the state that leads the way for LGBTQ equality. #bostonpride


  • 19w ago lucas._.gerr lucas._.gerr

    Eww why can't people be normal

  • 19w ago monroeconservatives monroeconservatives

    Yeah, because gays don't already have the same rights as everyone else

  • 19w ago brennanthomaswelsh brennanthomaswelsh

    Omg you call yourself a supporter it's LGBTQIA+

  • 19w ago patrick_star_4real patrick_star_4real

    If I had a dollar for every gender, I would have 2 dollars, and a lot of counterfeits

  • 19w ago kurtisodel kurtisodel

    This pictures sums up what's wrong with America

  • 19w ago munchiesxoxo munchiesxoxo


  • 19w ago colesampou colesampou

    I don't like you, Elizabeth Warren

  • 18w ago dhartgrove dhartgrove


  • 18w ago joe._.fulmer joe._.fulmer

    @kickassmasterminds That trans people, though they have the same rights as everyone else already, still look for attention by dying their hair, wearing stupid clothes, and acting like amebas instead of humans. Mind you I like people living their lives however they would like but this is just getting out of hand. They should be protesting in the middle East if they want more equality, not where they already have it.

  • 18w ago mvdominater58 mvdominater58

    @rory_isameme Yes! I agree she should run! Easiest Trump Victory ever!

  • 18w ago phoenixmotorsportsaz phoenixmotorsportsaz


  • 18w ago lita_wuz_heer lita_wuz_heer

    I really like this picture. I have full support. It's not disgusting to care about everyone. Also if somebody who is against transgender thinks about it, if they like their gender why shouldn't anyone else??

  • 17w ago markthezar markthezar

    Remember kid rock will win

  • 17w ago rize1966 rize1966

    Tax Paying Law abiding citizens lives matter.

  • 17w ago indweedgr3 indweedgr3

    #Theresthedeplorables ❄💩

  • 16w ago lakshmiintheworld lakshmiintheworld

    Thanks for being awesome, Senator Warren.

  • 16w ago versusplus versusplus

    love this

  • 16w ago camden.uzelac camden.uzelac

    I am scared of these people

  • 16w ago indweedgr3 indweedgr3

    @camden.uzelac You should be.

  • 15w ago allove.co allove.co


  • 15w ago sara.marlow sara.marlow


  • 13w ago kurtisodel kurtisodel

    Exactly what's wrong with America wtf you should be ashamed to take zero pride in your appearance

  • 6w ago mikeamooz mikeamooz


  • 2w ago jaymac209 jaymac209

    Trans lives matter 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 3d ago keck896 keck896


  • 3d ago keck896 keck896


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