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Instagram post by @elizabethwarrenma Elizabeth Warren

I am #wickedproud to be from MA, the state that leads the way for LGBTQ equality. #bostonpride


  • 2w ago redloredru redloredru

    Tus amiguis @reggiegoff

  • 2w ago redloredru redloredru

    @no_sheep_here I agree with you

  • 2w ago rachwalker1991 rachwalker1991

    Proud to live in MA!

  • 2w ago reggiegoff reggiegoff

    @redloredru siempre

  • 2w ago nattybelk nattybelk

    @abbyglime tfw your boss is the coolest ever

  • 2w ago moon_wus_here moon_wus_here


  • 1w ago megsamilli megsamilli

    Thank you!! #pleaserun

  • 1w ago meenuski463 meenuski463


  • 1w ago petersen.vk07 petersen.vk07

    Please run in 2020!! Love you, we'll always be proud

  • 1w ago kickassmasterminds kickassmasterminds

    Hey, you are awesome! What are the things you learn from pride parades? 😄😍

  • 1w ago ronarepresents ronarepresents

    #desperate #forattention

  • 1w ago donjohnson3342 donjohnson3342

    perfect parade for that ole bag

  • 1w ago liam.m237 liam.m237


  • 1w ago hmwaej hmwaej

    Apparently not all lives matter to you.

  • 1w ago mastertokage mastertokage

    It's actually QTBGL

  • 1w ago __weenie_hut_jrs__ __weenie_hut_jrs__


  • 5d ago tylvie007 tylvie007

    En voilà une politicienne ouverte aux différences ..🌹

  • 5d ago samkc88 samkc88


  • 5d ago craiglaxton craiglaxton

    Disgusting creatures

  • 4d ago serg.ee serg.ee


  • 4d ago daverossi85 daverossi85

    Is there a lot of trannies being killed I'm not hearing about?

  • 4d ago bo_shoulders bo_shoulders

    @adammosh99 turn on the jets!!! #wickedproud

  • 3d ago lesleypalf lesleypalf

    Wow lord have mercy with some of these comments

  • 3d ago joshdomo joshdomo

    Like this women really cares about gays. Just like Hilary, all her life she's been in camera basically saying she thinks gays are wrong and voted against it. But when it comes down to votes she's all of a sudden pro gay

  • 2d ago mark_mallard mark_mallard

    Why dont u help people with real mental disorders instead of promoting perversion and sodomy this is ridiculous

  • 1d ago crimen.privv crimen.privv

    @craiglaxton yeah, i know, people in these comments are wild dumb, lol

  • 1d ago crimen.privv crimen.privv

    @__weenie_hut_jrs__ says someone who's probably more than 16 and has a picture of sponge bob

  • 1d ago intent2kill intent2kill

    @no_sheep_here we're proud of the fact that we've fought for and continue to fight for our rights, respect, healthcare, equality, acceptance, proud of the fact that we've stood our ground in the face of adversity even when our opressors would rather silence us and in some cases even kill us, proud of the fact that even though we face systematic oppression, hatred and bigotry we've survived and are finally starting to thrive as a community based on love and unity. Proud of how far we've come and how far we aim to go.

  • 1d ago intent2kill intent2kill

    @hucko330 did you know you can support more than one group of people at a time?

  • 1d ago intent2kill intent2kill

    @hucko330 Courage is subjective anyway. It's courageous to be willing to lay down your life to defend your country, yes. But it's also courageous for LGBTQ people to unapologetically and openly exist in society when we face discrimination, threats and violence. The two are not at all similar and should not be compared, but both require courage in their own ways.

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