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"“I had a really tough time breastfeeding in the beginning. My milk wasn’t coming in, I was in a lot of pain, and I ended up having thrush and mastitis, all in the first couple of weeks. It was awful. It took three different doctors to diagnose my son with a lip and tongue tie, and at 6 weeks old, we finally were able to get it fixed via a laser. At that very moment, my journey changed. It took a couple more weeks to fully get the hang of it, but eventually the pain was gone, I got my milk supply up (with the help of essential oils) and here I am now, 20 months later, still nursing my son and expecting Baby 2.

I remember the first time I breastfed in public. About 3 weeks after my son was born, everyone had gone home and the dust had started to settle. I ventured out to the library, wearing my son in a wrap, and he slept for the majority of our trip. We stopped by a local bistro so I could grab some lunch, and moments after I sat down, he woke up hungry and crying. I wasn’t sure how I was going to nurse him and keep myself covered, and also not let on that I was in a lot of pain. I tried to just give him his pacifier, but it didn’t work. I was super nervous — the bistro was filled with people as it was prime lunch time. But his crying was getting louder and louder by the minute, so I just bit the bullet and started nursing him right there at the table. The waitress arrived, took my order and didn’t bat an eye, which instantly made me feel more comfortable. By the end of my lunch, I realized no one really cared what I was doing." -@casadefallon tells us her whole breastfeeding story and all the places she shares those special moments in link in profile. 📷 by @augustabelle . We want to share your story! Tell us where you breastfeed, tag us and use the hashtag #thisiswhereibreastfeed. In partnership with @bravadodesigns

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