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🔺 As we are all students of the barbell we must be students of movement🔺 REGARDLESS of your poison, you must ALWAYS self educate yourself📚
☝🏻Do not be a fool☝🏻 Yes it's addicting to throw around things that would crumble others, destroy a #WOD that many can't comprehend attempting or stick to the dedication of training, cardio and diet to attain a physique worthy of others pride🙌🏻 BUT we must learn to protect our body's and be prepared for the measures ahead in the event of being sidelined.
@doctor_reef @kylefkrupa and their staff continue to make the difference for a PLETHORA of athletes throughout #Miami AND beyond‼️
Join us Saturday, June 17 @ 10am at The Battle Axe Gym. Adress listed ⬇️⬇️ Athletix Rehab will be presenting new techniques for:
✔️Increasing hip mobility and priming
✔️Improving your squat depth
✔️Protecting your back
✔️Deadlifting with neutral spine
✔️Increasing muscle recruitment

Battle Axe is located at:
12937 SW 133rd Ct
Miami, FL 33186

This seminar is FREE and open to the public. Please be dressed for exercise and ready to demonstrate these techniques.

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