Instagram post by @hollyblues Holly Brannigan

I couldn't sleep last night, turning over and over, thinking about today. Praying "please God, don't let us have another day of my children waking to our current government." A government who don't care about their future, they're health, education or safety, basically because we aren't earning the big bucks.
In the first time in my pretty short voting life I feel like there's politicians I'm really excited to get behind. Heartfelt politics for everyone vs lining the pockets of the rich. I urge you to be brave, don't do the safe thing of a tactical vote, it's not safe at all! Vote wholeheartedly for the politics who make you feel empowered and excited!
#imvotinglabour#forthemanynotthefew #imvotingformybabesfuture


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