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Instagram post by @drlisahollandpt Goddess Maker & Life Changer

MAMA's BOY ๐Ÿ˜‚ Had @justin_holland.13 help me out taking a video with some quick meal prep ideas for my #gurugoddess busy #mamaguru followers. After filming he said he had an idea and asked to mix things up for me. LOVE IT! Makes me so happy when one of the kids get excited to do simple everyday healthy things. It helps when I can see they are making their own good choices. I especially like when I see things connecting from years of watching and being a part of the conversation about taking ownership over one's food or body or even career. ( Did I mention he started a little neighborhood lawn biz with @andrew.deep ๐Ÿ˜‰) It is hard to parent consciously. I think as parents we want to help so much but sometimes we get in the way of them growing in ways that matter. We get so attached to the outcome we want that we take over all the food choices, the exercise choices, even their college choices because we assume we know better. When they never went very far from us and we controlled their world that may have been true but not at 14 yo. In truth, if we focus on showing them better and asking them to decide and live with good and bad choices once in a while then THEY get to grown confidence in knowing they know what to do. Let them learn how to cook a healthy meal for the family. It can be simple. Let them load the dishwasher "imperfectly" Let them wash their clothes BEFORE COLLEGE. When your kids are teens it is time to find another role for yourself beyond doting parent. You want them to do the same for your grandkids in 40
Years . Never forget that actions speak louder than words or hopes. #goddesswisdom101 #burnout #HERwisdom #ladyboss #leadership #laxmom #lifestylecoach #parenting #foodislove

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