Instagram post by @missnvmountrose Miss Mount Rose 2018

Today I would like to visit another point of the crown: style. Not just what is in my wardrobe but the way I feel in it, the way I portray it, the essence I send to others, the way I live my life. The word "style" is ambiguous but also agile to every aspect of the Miss America Organization as it should be! Coming from a girl whose biggest insecurity was her body, never in a million year did she think she would have the courage to walk on stage in front of hundreds of strangers in a color she never tried on- but she did just that. And it was amazing. Entering this competition like a deer in head lights, if there was at least one thing I've learned, it's that confidence is for EVERYONE regardless of one's body type (which are all so uniquely built!!) and we should embrace it because no one can take away what's instilled within us. Thank you to @venus for providing me a suit of empowerment at my first state pageant and for also contributing to this newfound confidence. And without @missnevadamao and @missrenosparkswashoecounty none of this would have been possible. To me, style is beyond the superficial standard of clothing and accessories but rather the way you find beauty in your sheath of confidence #style #fitness #missnv2017 #confidence #missmountrose2017

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