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I'm PROUD AF to post @team_atrain online client @thatsmrsupernova's very own NON EDITED progress post! If you find yourself taking that person, KEEP SCROLLING.✌️
The hardest part of my job is to make each and everyone of you believe, what you see hereπŸ‘† is REAL! In a world of photoshop apps, we can't help but be skeptical right? ESPECIALLY from a guys like me (it's true)! Why I don't expect you to believe me, I expect you to believe your fellow man/woman in the trenches grinding it out as you are.
Why none of this social media perfection is ever real or beneficial, until we find that ONE person whose journey we can relate toπŸ‘Œ. As @thatsmrsupernova once did, I hope anyone still reading this finds that here, finds whatever sign or personal connection you're looking for. And that you find what it is that makes you want to get up and try againπŸ™.



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