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Instagram post by @volven.wolf Volven Wolf

Prawdziwy fan Audi :)
Tattooed by me
#audi #auditattoo #audilogo #volvenbodyart


  • 24w ago harwaster666 harwaster666

    @volven.wolf jest mega Maja piękna super 😚😚😚😚😚

  • 24w ago lucsmitch lucsmitch

    True passion

  • 24w ago ayor_tattoo ayor_tattoo


  • 6w ago idtatthat idtatthat

    @volven.wolf Well at least since your copying shit, mine (the original) was better lol.

  • 5w ago volven.wolf volven.wolf

    @idtatthat wtf? How can I copy logo of Audi?! O.o you created it?

  • 5w ago c4.style c4.style

    You do realize that i was the original designer of this idea of tattoo, you can even search it under #auditattoo and the date when I originally posted was in May of 2016 and many more had reposted it also with my picture. I dont mind you tattooing it but atleast tag the original designer and tattoo artist who did it for me and in this case its @idtatthat you didnt copy Audi logo, no, thats not what im upset about, you copied my original design, my original quote "Passion has no limits" without even appreciating as to who did it at first place. But hey, I guess you are making me famous because your client couldn't come up with anything of his own so he used my Design instead, thank you for that kind of advertisement. 😂👏

  • 5w ago volven.wolf volven.wolf

    @c4style my client actually gave me this picture (it was very easy to find, I don't mean pic with your tattoo, the second one) with Audi logo and this statement and asked me to tattoo this. I remade it in Photoshop so it fit the forearm. So I thought this quote is something like a commercial quote. Didn't mean to steal anybody's work! I was sure that it's just an Audi commercial. This picture was not signed or anything.

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