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  • 59w ago birdiemaker0224 birdiemaker0224

    Hitem good this week girl :) ⛳️⛳️ @mpressel

  • 59w ago golflre golflre

    Do you and Paula always play practice rounds together? Have a great week - play well!

  • 59w ago mamahally mamahally

    Let's do it! Teamwork!

  • 59w ago mentalcoachmatt mentalcoachmatt

    Love seeing rivals become friends. #competeWITH

  • 59w ago jayfeely jayfeely

    Rock is thinking I could beat these two in a swimming race

  • 59w ago mdor7ch mdor7ch

    Is that Ryan Dillon?

  • 59w ago mpressel mpressel

    @jayfeely 🤣🤣

  • 59w ago johnhurayt johnhurayt

    Rock is thinking wind speed, direction, slope of the green, where best to land, and what to get you for lunch. All so you don't have too. Have fun and kick ass this week

  • 59w ago kbfaher kbfaher

    We need you in the Solheim Cup. Play well.

  • 59w ago carathomo1 carathomo1

    Rock is thinking - I would suit a sporran! #scottish #kilt

  • 59w ago golfchance25 golfchance25

    Rock is thinking let's get out of here it's a practice round

  • 59w ago paulacreamer1 paulacreamer1

    Rock is thinking...... I love when we play with PC ❤️😝⛳️ @mpressel

  • 59w ago rahnkt rahnkt

    Rock is thinking " I could use a sammich"

  • 59w ago __george__robertson__ __george__robertson__

    Always beautiful Morgan and Paula xxx

  • 59w ago slopitchfanatic slopitchfanatic

    He was thinking 'can you smellelelelelelllll what the Rock is Cooking!!' then realized oh wait I'm not that guy! ;)

  • 59w ago buddyandersongolf buddyandersongolf

    Is this a meeting of the minds on a tough golf hole?

  • 59w ago jefflloyd3640 jefflloyd3640

    Rock is thinking, I am living the dream!

  • 59w ago bbeech83 bbeech83

    Shoot me now!

  • 59w ago safetyjones safetyjones

    RD Mrs. Heath !! Such a good Dude !! Roll it !

  • 59w ago prcyrep prcyrep

    Good luck Morgan😀😀😀


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