Instagram post by @jessminopfitness Jess Minopoli

Today has been a sucky day. Leaving our NJ house in a bit of a rush, 4 hour drive, getting my baby's cast put on, and this evening it's all now sinking in that this is just Day 1 (of 2ish weeks)) of living between homes, LOTS more driving, and oh god... then comes the unpacking.😳 Feeling a little anxious this evening, I decided to push play on the next workout on my calendar. 25 minutes of sweaty abs with Shaun T and it's like doing something good for my body in turn is doing good for my brain.πŸ™ŒπŸΌ I feel so much better. Even had my funky casted chica doing the last set of crunches with me.😘

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