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Posted on my IG story, but this was such a monumental day in my life I wanted to immortalize it on my wall. Cannot remember the number of times I hyperventilated πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I am so lucky to be able to, in this lifetime, attend a GD concert. Not cheap, but totally WORTH IT! I only started getting the whole K-pop craze late 2016 and my heart was sold to Big Bang. Mr Mode finds it ridiculous that I can watch their videos over and over and not get sick of them. So I explained in the best way I could: "δ½ δΈζ‡‚ηš„ε•¦!" (You duno one la!!) LOLL. My ultimate bias is, of course, Kwon Jiyong β™₯️. His fans from his 2013 concert have waited 4 years for this third concert and I've only had to wait for 6 months. Feel so lucky and grateful that one of his world tour stops is Singapore #MOTTEInSingapore.

When I arrived at the merchandise tent to buy the light stick, the staff looked at me like I was being ridiculous for coming only two hours before the concert expecting items to be in stock. His face looked like this: πŸ˜’ But I was very lucky to buy my legit Big Bang 10th Anniversary light stick from a stranger selling them just a few steps away from the tent! And even nicer than the OOS ones! 😍 Mr Mode laughed at how ridiculously expensive it was to buy a stick at $40. Aiya δ»–δΈζ‡‚ηš„ε•¦!! 😁😁

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