Instagram post by @chrissyfasano Christina 🎀

Sometimes I dont think I have enough tattoos.. #fuschiahair #girlswithtattoos #tattedup #NeedMoreInk


  • 46w ago jillmcmillin jillmcmillin

    Dayyuumm 💋

  • 46w ago rayrayakerboom rayrayakerboom

    Agreed, ya need more 👊

  • 46w ago amy3lynm amy3lynm

    We still need to get yoga tattoos!! I'll prolly wait till summer is over though now to avoid sun exposure etc. womp womp. One day!!!!

  • 46w ago chrissyfasano chrissyfasano

    @amy3lynm omg yes please, maybe shoot for July/aug.. Or wait til fall? I'm down for whenever 😘 miss u guys btw

  • 46w ago amy3lynm amy3lynm

    Miss you too! I'll def let you know when I'm ready to get one 😽

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