Instagram post by @agirlnamedleney Leney

slow living. ah slow living has been quite hard lately my friends. at least in the actual pace sense. in the perspective/mindset sense i've been doing okay. but finding moments of pausing, of slowing, amidst the go-go-go that has been the past month or two has been a challenge. even as i type this my mind is beating "running-out-of-time-running-out-of-time-running-out-of-time". akin to the little white rabbit's "you're late, you're late, for a very important date, no time to say hello-goodbye! i'mlatei'mlatei'mlate!"
but the things we love and are most passionate about don't always have their due space and time created easily for them. there are seasons in which we have to work harder for them and times in which we have to push them up and above the noise and clutter of every day life to the top of our priority lists.
for, our priorities aren't what we say they are, but rather what we DO.
remembering to take things one at a time. and that little actions do count. all the small pieces make up that of the whole.


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