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  • 11w ago stepwell stepwell

    Pretty sure I worked with you at the Green Jacket in Macon! Work looks awesome. If in the ATL would love to throw some ideas your way and see what we could do! Thinking about SN owl chest piece- huge

  • 11w ago mr_c_77 mr_c_77

    Hey Jeremy can I book sat Sept 9th? (If still available

  • 11w ago huletttattoo huletttattoo

    @mr_c_77 send me a text so I'll have you stored in my work phone. I'll get with you this week about the appt. Send me the ideas of what your wanting and body placement. 727-510-8316 thanks man

  • 9w ago jonesab jonesab

    @huletttattoo I sent you a text a few weeks back. I'd like to get on your schedule. What's available?

  • 9w ago huletttattoo huletttattoo

    @jonesab is this Missys friend. If so, found text. If not resend. Also, need to know what your tattoo will be, body placement and size

  • 9w ago jonesab jonesab

    @huletttattoo yep, Missy's friend. And I want to add to my arm you started. I have an idea of what I want to add. Want me to text it to you?

  • 9w ago huletttattoo huletttattoo

    @jonesab yes. Text it to me. Or email it. Send me pics of your arm so I can remember what I'm adding it to

  • 9w ago jonesab jonesab

    @huletttattoo I sent you a few text messages. Thanks!

  • 8w ago jonesab jonesab

    @huletttattoo did you put me on the schedule?

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