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Instagram post by @shamozal Kirsty Rice

I've talked about my girlfriend Krissy on the blog before, she's the friend everyone needs to have, I adore her. I met Krissy when I was 14, we had mutual friends, we then ended up living together, we've done 18th's, 21st's, bad boyfriends and really bad haircuts. We ended up getting married within a year of each other, she'd been going out with Billy for years, I'd been going out with G for 3 weeks. She arrived at my house for dinner eyeballed G and said "right, I need to know a little bit more about you, you don't get off that easily, we need some more details". We were very happy to be pregnant at the same time, I came back to Adelaide from Jakarta to have the baby, we chose different doctors but the same hospital - our due dates a few days apart. I reckon I'd been at the hospital for an hour or so when I found out Krissy was there too. My little girl born at 6.26, her little boy at 11.26. While my little girl has been on the move from country to country somehow she's managed to stay connected to Krissy's beautiful young man. They're mates and I love it. 17 years today. Sometimes life is beautiful without even trying.


  • 16w ago bexjenkins bexjenkins

    That's such a lovely story. Hurray for old friends!

  • 16w ago thesnappedfork thesnappedfork

    One of my oldest and dearest pals was born in the same hospital as me and we were also born just a few hours apart. Oct 13th and 14th are our dates. Our parents were all good friends before and after. Though our lives have taken very different paths, we are deeply connected. No one has known me longer! We even all lived together for a time when Kathleen and I were under five. We've shared a lifetime together. It's such a special friendship.

  • 16w ago corders99 corders99

    Love this and of course, the lovely Lizzie too. Love from us all x

  • 16w ago hannahpirnie hannahpirnie

    This gives me hope for my little lot, that it's possible to keep global friendships 😊

  • 16w ago glowless glowless


  • 16w ago heavenlysteph heavenlysteph

    Just beautiful xxx

  • 16w ago jollpiper jollpiper

    No way! That is so cool!

  • 16w ago cfheadley cfheadley

    That is pure awesomeness! And Happy Birthday to your gorgeous Lizzie! 🎉❤️

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