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In Hawaii and across the country, hard-working Americans with full-time minimum wage jobs and are struggling just to get by. The Federal minimum wage has stagnated over the last 10 years, as inflation has increased, cost of living has gone up, and top earners incomes have risen. I joined Senator Bernie Sanders and Democratic leaders from the House and Senate today as we introduced the Raise the Wage Act - legislation that would raise the Federal minimum wage to $15 by 2024, giving 41 million low-wage workers a raise. Join us in calling on Congress to stand up for working people and pass the #RaisetheWage Act! Join us in the #Fightfor15


  • 17w ago sierra1411 sierra1411

    @the_hectorcist EXACTLY!

  • 17w ago _cam.crawford_ _cam.crawford_

    Is it 2020 yet?

  • 17w ago thethingsivecarried thethingsivecarried

    #NOWISTHETIME 😎Been waiting too long already!

  • 17w ago theuke67 theuke67


  • 17w ago kennedys_mommi kennedys_mommi

    That's ABSURD 2024!!!!! #democrats, all of you are "smoke & mirrors! #demexit

  • 17w ago eischer eischer

    We have to wait seven years?!?

  • 17w ago eischer eischer

    @angel_the_beast When Republicans completely took over Michigan a few years back, they cut the business tax by $2 billion and paid for it by raising taxes on LOW-INCOME workers by $2 billion. Scumbags.

  • 17w ago oribetea oribetea

    Good for you Tulsi, Hawaiian businesses support you.

  • 17w ago barrelofbadnews barrelofbadnews


  • 17w ago azizosman6569 azizosman6569

    You want to increase your wage learn a trade .fast good work is just for school kid .liberals don't know how many is made ,McDonald doesn't print money like US government .Democrats lack common sense .

  • 17w ago lislieknope lislieknope


  • 17w ago fawkingchef fawkingchef

    ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻 tulsi.. run independent.. #demexitnow the system is broken.

  • 17w ago kathydsizemore kathydsizemore

    Tulsi, I hope you run for President in 2020 with either Bernie or Nina Turner on your ticket. However, I don't think taking 7 years to get min wage to 15 an hr for our working poor is fast enough. Typically our rent, utilities, gas, car and groceries will be so much higher that the increase wouldn't have much more value. Also, I feel that the min wage should be tied to inflation so that unscrupulous companies will think twice before raising prices every time the min wage goes up.

  • 17w ago tamzhpeaceworks tamzhpeaceworks

    Go go go!

  • 17w ago coolteach8855 coolteach8855

    Likely to cost some workers their jobs.

  • 17w ago bluedragonfly81 bluedragonfly81


  • 17w ago finestdrywall finestdrywall

    They choose to work there, they should got educated, no socialism. Instead regulate fast food all the chemicals they put in food that causes sickness.

  • 17w ago charsoldest charsoldest

    The irony is that higher salaries are written off as a salary expense which helps the owner not pay taxes. Please let that sink in.

  • 17w ago page_of_wands page_of_wands

    @finestdrywall Socialism? What about corporations paying a decent wage is socialism?...don't you think people should get a living wage for the work they do? Otherwise, what's the point of working at all? When ppl don't make a living wage, YOU end up paying for them to be able to survive, in the form of food stamps, etc...meanwhile big corporations are making billions and laughing all the way to the bank. If you pay taxes, you're helping subsidize billionaire cheapskates.

  • 17w ago page_of_wands page_of_wands

    Seven years!?

  • 17w ago musiclover3889 musiclover3889

    @finestdrywall Maybe some more jobs shouldn't require a dumb degree.

  • 17w ago denmarkey denmarkey

    Raise the wage, lose the job.

  • 17w ago sss.annn sss.annn

    Please raise it to $60

  • 17w ago island_libertarian island_libertarian

    $100/ hour...then there will be no poor.....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 16w ago matthew0aaron matthew0aaron

    Thank you all for introducing this legislation, Congresswoman Gabbard.

  • 16w ago musiclover3889 musiclover3889

    @offendingpatriot NO! I wouldn't even trust myself. Doctors and nurses DEFINITELY require degrees.

  • 16w ago musiclover3889 musiclover3889

    @offendingpatriot I understand now. I'm still learning.

  • 16w ago bdub_sti bdub_sti

    $15 to shovel fries into a piece of cardboard?

  • 15w ago newsmonsters newsmonsters

    We love you, Tulsi. Please consider running in 2020.

  • 8w ago classical_shitposter classical_shitposter

    this is horrible

  • 7w ago tomtimcik tomtimcik

    You need to consider the libertarian philosophy. Do away with the minimum wage entirely, let the free market decide. A platform to raise the minimum wage will only crash and burn.

  • 7w ago tomtimcik tomtimcik

    @island_libertarian I like the way you think.

  • 6w ago henryclay_the_capitalist_pig henryclay_the_capitalist_pig

    She's stupid, but omg tulsi gabbard is so hot

  • 6w ago dirtydan69err dirtydan69err

    Why not make it $1,000?! I can read this shit all day 🤣🤣🤣

  • 3w ago martin.higueraaa martin.higueraaa

    @bdub_sti No, a living wage in exchange for fast food, clean restaurants, food, clean grocery stores, stocked grocery stores, etc... don't be so short sighted and close minded .

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