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Tuners! There is a Power Vision Firmware Update - click the link in our bio, or go to to read more. #powervision #harley


  • 86w ago dynogirl_simone_kielbassa dynogirl_simone_kielbassa

    The best system for tuning Harley's on dyno ❤️👍 i love it!!!

  • 86w ago clintewing clintewing

    You guys make amazing product!

  • 86w ago dsmlights dsmlights

    Power vision CX ?

  • 86w ago dynojetresearch dynojetresearch

    @dsmlights there has been updates for PVCX. The best thing to do is always update your Power Vision CX first. There is a How To page on under support click Map Download How To. Current PVCX firmware is - 2.1 and you can check your firmware on the device by going to Device Tools > Device Info 👌 let us know if you have any questions.

  • 86w ago dynojetresearch dynojetresearch

    @dynogirl_simone_kielbassa thanks! 👌tag us in your dyno runs!

  • 86w ago dynojetresearch dynojetresearch

    @clintewing keep making our products look awesome! We have to shoot a video sometime!

  • 59w ago johnborst290 johnborst290

    That is awesome!...

  • 59w ago johnborst290 johnborst290

    That is awesome!.....

  • 21w ago j.buck34 j.buck34

    I have a 2018 sportster and y’all don’t have tunes for it yet, could I use an older model tune and be alright? 2017 maybe? @dynojetresearch

  • 21w ago dynojetresearch dynojetresearch

    We are working to get the 2018 Sportster in house shortly so we can build a tune database.

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