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اكاذيب تنشر من قبل صهاينه اسرائيل وصهيانه العرب ان اليهود لم يعيشو في سلام في دول الاسلاميه "العثمانيه العباسية الامويه " لهذا يجب ان يكون لهم دوله… Israelis have Been telling world that the Islamic empires hated the Jews because of that they need state "false" this is an Iraqi jew anwar shaol he wrote poem I will Translate it but I will not translate some word cuz it don't exits in English :
If I'm from Moses religion I will live under the roll of Muhammad religion Islam forgiveness was my life and Quran was my suppliers
#IsraelLies #IslamisPeace


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