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🛳⛰🌴Disney Southern Caribbean Cruise Day 4: ST. LUCIA {Castries}
• We booked our port adventure through @disneycruiseline for a "Snorkel Beneath the Pitons." Fortunately our catamaran was parked just behind our ship, which made for easy access. This boat crew and patrons were much calmer than in Barbados. We had a beautiful ride from the port to the Piton Bay, where we dropped anchor and jumped off to snorkel beneath the Pitons. The Pitons are two iconic volcanic plugs. The water there was colder and darker, but still very picturesque. The snorkel area wasn't that big for the amount of people there. We snorkeled for a while, then walked ashore to the beach and the dock to take in the views of the majestic Pitons. There were a lot of other small boats anchored and also Sugar Beach Resort there. The ride back was smooth and pleasant. The crew showed us Marigot Bay, where the original "Dr. Doolittle" was filmed (how fitting!) and they served Rum Punch. Notice a theme? The trip lasted about 4 hours. It started to rain right before we got back to the port and then showered on and off again for the remainder of the afternoon. We got off the boat and hauled our gear back to our staterooms then headed back out to "explore" Castries. Everything we saw was very dirty and disappointing. We saw the most malnourished dog and it literally broke our hearts to have to walk away, especially Brandon because he knew he could treat and rehab the poor fella. After about 45 min. - an hour we decided to head back to the ship for lunch having no luck finding a decent local place to dine. We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging on the pool deck, watching movies and relaxing. Advice: Definitely book shore excursions for Castries, St. Lucia. The Pitons were incredible and something I've always dreamed of seeing in person. I just kept staring, trying to cement their majesty into my mind. ⛰🌴☀️🛳 #disneycruise #disney #nevergrowold #nevergrowup #stlucia #pitons 4.26.17


  • 81w ago whoiskararichardson whoiskararichardson

    That dog is breaking my heart. 😥

  • 81w ago southflalilly southflalilly

    Love this it still available ? Love your tan how do you stay so tan 😎

  • 80w ago glittery_nh_life glittery_nh_life

    Omg that there a rescue on the island that can help him?

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