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Ok so it's been almost a year since I started this page and I'm almost at my initial goal of a 20kg loss - 700 grams to go - I've got a bit to go before I am where I want to be but it's surreal seeing where I started! #somuchprogress #notevergoingback


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    What exercise do you do @lookitscaitlin2.0? I find it so hard to get motivated between working and it being so cold or wet haha. You are so inspirational xx

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    Amazing results chick!! You are motivating me to get moving!

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    @ana.marie.austin I've been a bit off track lately but I do running mainly and at the gym I'll do the cross trainer, rowing machine and various exercises like squats, sit ups etc. I did the hakarimatas a few times during the summer which I loved. My exercise regime is all over the show tbh haha need to get more into weights during this next phase so I can tone up.

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    @natspolley 💪🏼 thanks!! Glad I can be motivation to someone. I know how difficult it is with a baby in the mix! I wish I joined mums and bubs sessions when Marley was younger.

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    Looking fantastic Caitlin 💪

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    Great work Hun you look amazing

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    Wow look at the difference! You're doing so well Caitlin.

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