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Instagram post by @vintagonista Sumeyye

I try not to get too political or emotional here on my instagram however the heinous, callous attack perpetrated by a radicalized 'Islamist' has left me deeply heartbroken and that is nothing next to what people have had to suffer today. No one should have to lose a loved one in such an awful way and no parent should have to witness the death of their child. These people, and I use that term very loosely, don't represent Muslims, they don't represent me. They have no compassion for anyone; no man, woman, child, religion or race.. Terrorism has no religion, the countless Istanbul attacks are evidence of that.. these scum are nothing more than cowards lurking behind a religion to justify their actions. I'm proud to be British, I'm proud to be Mancunian and I'm proud to be a Muslim. And I'm proud of my city and the unity, diversity and love that it harbours, I'm proud of all those who cooperated to save lives and deliver the victims safely to their families. I'm proud that many chose not to respond to such a hateful act with hate. Peace be upon you all.
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  • 21w ago agardeninsideme agardeninsideme

  • 21w ago alivegurl alivegurl

    It's truly heartbreaking to hear these news and to know that the culprits behind such violence dare to use Islam to justify what they do, even though nothing whatsoever in our teaching and in Allah's words ever call upon them to do what they did. I hope all your loved ones and their loved ones are safe 😢 (also, not to eclipse the tragedy in Manchester, but did you hear about Marawi City?)

  • 21w ago lycidium lycidium

    Thank you for "translating" my thoughts and feelings into a nice caption.

  • 21w ago vintagonista vintagonista

    @agardeninsideme Much love ❤🐝

  • 21w ago siobhanpage91 siobhanpage91


  • 21w ago vintagonista vintagonista

    @alivegurl Oh gosh, how could I not have heard. I'm both deeply distraught and livid with fury at the same time. I doubt these jihadists have ever even read the Quran, they just pluck a verse out of context which serves their warped motives best ... and unfortunately violence immortalizes an act whilst benevolence is often forgotten.

  • 21w ago vintagonista vintagonista

    @lycidium Seni cok iyi anliyorum, duygular kelimelere sigmiyor su an 💕

  • 21w ago pinchehan pinchehan

    beautiful 💕

  • 21w ago vintagonista vintagonista

    @siobhanpage91 Hope everyone you know from Manchester is safe ❤

  • 21w ago arobotheart arobotheart

    So beautifully put. Love what you said here about your pride, I think it's important that people can hear your message in all the mass-media shouting and name-calling...

  • 20w ago aizatmawi aizatmawi

    Ramadan kareem to you. May you have a blessed and peaceful month. Prayers for peace, tolerance and unity.

  • 20w ago vintagonista vintagonista

    @arobotheart Thank you Klara. That's why it's so important to be vocal about one's solidarity and the grief we all share.. especially at a time where people are so prone to hate.

  • 20w ago vintagonista vintagonista

    @aizatasmawi_ Ramadan Mubarak to you too. Ameen.

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