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The 2- and 3-year-old children in Room 9 regularly show an interest in using cameras. They see their teachers using one regularly for documentation.
Their teacher reflects, “Their interest is so strong and frequent that when they ask, ‘Can I have a turn?’ I hear myself reply, ‘I really need to use it to get pictures for the blog today.’ Today, a child responded to that with, ‘Why?’” Good question.  Why not support the children's interest and write a blog?
As a group, the children and teachers discussed the possibilities for blog content. The consensus was to post about Nibbles, the class guinea pig.
Nibbles was invited to join the Ice Cream Shop on the light table.
Following the experience, teacher and children reviewed the photographs together.
They noticed a difference in aesthetics between the adult-lens and the child-lens. The teacher’s photos were taken from above the children, showing that, perhaps she wasn’t as deeply in the experience.  Also, she reflected that she was more interested in capturing the children's expressions, and the children focused their images on the goal: a blog about Nibbles.
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  • 34w ago cheryl.lynn.herron cheryl.lynn.herron

    The children get chances with the camera. The last blog I posted, one of the children asked for a turn. The teacher replied it was her turn right now. He then proceed to "smooth talk" her and won the camera. This was captured on video

  • 34w ago cheryl.lynn.herron cheryl.lynn.herron


  • 34w ago miaminurseryteacher miaminurseryteacher

    This is amazing. Love it ❤️

  • 34w ago makecreatewithsavonia makecreatewithsavonia

    This is fantastic!! What a great reflection! Also love the reflective perspective of the camera angle!

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