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To wash an egg, that is the question! Well tbh I do both and it depends on the season and how many I have. Usually I do have a basket of fresh eggs that are unwashed sitting on my kitchen counter🥚 and they get eaten up in only a few days. The egg is laid with a protective bloom on its shell so don't worry about leaving your eggs out! And if your still unsure about how fresh your egg might be just do a simple egg float test☺️. Besides, they are pretty sitting in a basket🙌🏼 #eggsfordays #eggsofinstagram #pasturedeggs #pasturedhens #pasturedchicken #eggwash #eggwashing #farmeggs #backyardchickens #eggbeauty #beautifuleggs #somanyeggs #breakfast #eggsforbreakfast #eggsforbreakfastlunchanddinner


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    I only wash them when needed. Nature is clever enough without my help. 😉 ~~~ I like the pretty basket of eggs as well.


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