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I became a social worker many years ago because I felt the undeniable draw to give, to work for social justice. My college experience in San Francisco working with the homeless community eventually drew me to clinical social services. Few people know that it was also during that time I was inspired with the idea for Grace Cafe, the foundational idea of Yve & LaRue. When I was accepted to Graduate school I felt this little pull, a desire to open Grace Cafe. I shrugged it off ignoring it as unrealistic. This year I chose to return to clinical work and put Yve & LaRue on hold out of fear of the financial risk being a single woman business owner. But here I am at a crossroads: Continue down this familiar path I've taken the past 10 years or choose the more risky, the scarier, and more authentic and incredibly beautiful way to give by growing the vision of Yve & LaRue.
I see offering whole food products based on the knowledge that food is medicine, holistic health counseling, blogging and writing and spending hours doing what I love : feeding people.
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