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  • 53w ago crushsalonanddrybar crushsalonanddrybar

    Yessssssss!!! Thank you @behindthechair_com !! 20 Years in, full clientele, STILL give consults! The client wants to know you care, your listening and you have not become complacent πŸ’› never pre mix expecting... some clients never change but I still ask! #customerservice

  • 53w ago tay_stylistcomplete tay_stylistcomplete

    I drill my Cos Students on consults. If not for nothing . . . They will master the art of the consultation.

  • 53w ago crw_reis crw_reis

    @sincerely__melissa then there's me. Oh do whatever you want lol

  • 53w ago trentgirlz trentgirlz

    I always do one!!

  • 53w ago mallorylanesalon mallorylanesalon


  • 53w ago blueyedlibralady blueyedlibralady

    Most places want you to hurry hurry hurry . All about the next butt in the chair.

  • 53w ago chauncey_pauncey chauncey_pauncey

    most important part! communication on both sides is key!

  • 53w ago mommajurasovich mommajurasovich

    The most important part of the service!

  • 53w ago djl827 djl827

    My pet peeve when I hear a stylist or colorist say "so what are we doing today?"

  • 53w ago dsaiyid dsaiyid


  • 53w ago talesofglow talesofglow

    Absolutely agree, i was in a salon a couple of weeks ago and all i felt was the watching at the clock and watch without first have the vision of what exactly I was looking for. And the convo..... Narrow minded

  • 53w ago itssherky itssherky

    I always do a consultation... or else how do I know what the client wants... weird people don't do them

  • 53w ago barbarasurrano barbarasurrano

    So so true!!

  • 53w ago michelepritchardhair michelepritchardhair


  • 53w ago jennievennum jennievennum

    Most stylists are unaware of their skill set, which makes the consultation inefficient.... education education educationπŸ€“

  • 53w ago wingedhermes wingedhermes

    5 C's consultation is an amazing guideline to performing a thorough consult.

  • 53w ago taly.bc taly.bc

    Actually this is the exact same reason why I always highly recommend my hair stylist.. He does THE best consultations ever and makes sure both (client and him) are talking the same language

  • 53w ago lissettehair lissettehair


  • 53w ago kimatheplug kimatheplug

    i was just thinking this

  • 53w ago kimatheplug kimatheplug

    @talesofglow same experience i had ..ended up going back to get half my money back cause hell naw she didnt know what she was doing

  • 53w ago franklin_b franklin_b

    Make your guest feel comfortable with you first. Greet them, state your name, ask them if you can take their coat for them or get them a glass of water. Then turn them TOWARDs you, don't talk to them in the mirror, look them in eye and get on the same page and level with them. Repeat back what they asked you to do, ask questions, dig information out of them so it saves you the trouble later. I treat all clients in the first 15 mins like it's a consultation at a doctors office. All the playing, bs, gossip can be saved when you're getting down on doing the hair. Trust me, even my Male clients notice how thorough and professional I am with them. Most clients say their precious stylist NEVER took the time to do that with them, and that they knew coming to you would be worth their money :)

  • 53w ago hairbybc4.0 hairbybc4.0

    Had like to learn the rope in customer retention cos im new and in the process of building a loyal and satisfied client base .

  • 53w ago carolynlnewman carolynlnewman

    @behindthechair_com The Perfect consultation is as important as a fabulous cut and Color. It's a skill to be learnt. That's why #colourandeducationconsultancy teaches the 5 essential steps to be used in every consultation to achieve service success every time.

  • 53w ago jj_mcbain jj_mcbain

    @behindthechair_com Hi! 😍 the link in bio for this pic keeps taking me to the article about Robert Cromeans (which are amazing) but I can't see anything else linking to the consultation tips - am I doing something wrong?!

  • 53w ago theonlypussnboots theonlypussnboots

    One in ten???? That never happens in our shop. The number one thing I see is miscommunication. Pay attention to what the client says. Hairdressers love giving what trending or trying the technique they learned last week on every client for the next two months lol Trends aren't for everyone.

  • 53w ago sally_scissorhands sally_scissorhands

    I always consulted. I was very busy. I listened to people. I cared for the hair like it was my own. Always those I want my hair short but only take off half an inch people. My feet got destroyed. I have heel spurs and plantar fasciitis in both feet. Surgery is not an option. I wouldn't be able to walk with the fascitis surgery. My one true passion. The job I dreamed about since 6th grade

  • 53w ago crazyfaces_feather crazyfaces_feather

    This is so true if u don't give a good consultation u and your client maybe confused...I know I have some clients ask me why do you ask so many questions 'well cause I want to understand what u are looking for and give u just that'...talking to clients doesn't have to take to long but it definitely helps to have a GOOD consultation with them😊

  • 53w ago christelhendrickson christelhendrickson

    What are the best things to ask? @behindthechair_com

  • 53w ago salonjenminta salonjenminta

    I completely agree!!

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