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3d ago CUNY (The City University of New York) STAND against bigotry and hatred! Join Milo, Nonie Darwish, Dov Hikind and me #cancelsarsour May 25th at noon, 205 East 42nd Street. Share this!

  • 3d ago socalmxracing socalmxracing

    Wish I could be there

  • 3d ago sahmroman sahmroman

    Sarsour means." Cockroach" in arabic. we do with.cockroaches? We smash them, right?

  • 3d ago mariilove1414 mariilove1414

    Cannot wait ! May 25th ! SarSOUR We are coming for you ... I am your kryptonite 👍

  • 2d ago saharadash saharadash

    You should see them hosting the world cup in Qatar. What a shame

  • 2d ago dj_dizhna dj_dizhna

    Sorry I can't support this. Not because of my lack of support (I hate Linda Cockroach from the deepest bones in my body), but because we would become no better than the Left if we were to do such thing; we cannot act like hypocrites who would denounce those who silence us and yet try to silence another from the other side, and at the end of the day we must support the free speech for all, not just those on our end. If we are really confident of winning the culture war, let everyone speak their mind and the free market will weed out those who really have nothing intelligent to say.

  • 2d ago pdkruger pdkruger

    Calling Linda Sarsour a freedom fighter is like calling Dylan Wolf a civil rights leader.

  • 1d ago stefidesignsembroidery stefidesignsembroidery

    So glad people are standing up against the liberals!

  • 1d ago sarahbanana786 sarahbanana786


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