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Not even this strong coffee can help the morning I've had. My 'baby's' minor procedure at hospital is underway but not before he screamed and thrashed and fought the gas, so much so I had to help theatre staff hold him down, quite traumatic I have to say. Our anaesthetic says he won't remember it and that it shows he has a strong flight or fight survival instinct - still, it's going to haunt me for a long time! Now we wait and hope he's docile when he wakes. Damn parenting is TOUGH! And gosh I'm extremely grateful to have healthy children #grateful #heartonsleeve #mumtears


  • 13w ago themumsgroup themumsgroup

    Oh Hun it's the worst!! From my experience they don't remember anything. Hoping the day goes quickly for you xxx

  • 13w ago debbish debbish

    Hope all goes well. xx

  • 13w ago mybliss_life mybliss_life

    Good luck lovely x

  • 13w ago kylacherie kylacherie

    Watching them go under is hard even if they don't fight it much, it's bloody awful if you have to help hold them. Sending love ❤ hope you're holding him in recovery soon x

  • 13w ago cybelemasterman cybelemasterman

    Big hugs

  • 13w ago nicole_thebuilderswife nicole_thebuilderswife

    Oh hugs for you both xx

  • 13w ago rochanna79 rochanna79

    So hard watching them go under

  • 13w ago louisagblog louisagblog

    @emilyhavealaugh oh gawd! That's awful. Did you take a bottle of balance with you.

  • 13w ago severalkindsofcrazy severalkindsofcrazy

    Oh so hard, hope all went smoothly xx

  • 13w ago dgrant1278 dgrant1278

    Hope he's feeling better now and that you've swapped the coffee for something stronger 😘

  • 13w ago mummalove mummalove

    So tough. Much love ❤️

  • 13w ago belinda.parkes belinda.parkes

    Oh man, that's tough. So horrid. May that coffee help settle those frayed emotions & he be up & awake soon ready for a cuddle. A little fighter. 💋

  • 13w ago kylie_mann kylie_mann

    Sending love. What a hard thing to witness 💗

  • 13w ago youhadusathello_ youhadusathello_

    Sending hugs xox

  • 13w ago mummy_wife_me mummy_wife_me

    Oh no!! That is horrible. How is he today? Xx

  • 13w ago kal20m kal20m

    I hope he is doing ok now Emily 🌞

  • 13w ago sublimefinds sublimefinds

    Oh Emily that sounds brutal. Hope all worked out on the other side! x

  • 12w ago boyeatsworld boyeatsworld

    Oh hon, that must have been so traumatic for you. Hope all is good x

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