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Instagram post by @_sheenarae sheena

I was seriously debating skipping out on the garden this year....and then I went back through photos from last summer and I was convinced I will do it again! There is just something so satisfying about planting teeny tiny seeds and watching them turn into this. And I love going out back and grabbing some veggies and eggs for dinner. ....Even though there is a chance it will all freeze again in July 😬 I'm looking into new ideas for keeping plants toasty in our weird polar vortex backyard, and also looking for ways to cut down on some of the workload (wish I could have six more kids). Has anyone put straw down between rows to help with weeds? How did that go? #jibsongarden


  • 18w ago _sheenarae _sheenarae

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  • 18w ago onfalconroad onfalconroad

    Straw never did much for us..although we have intense weeds here! I'm wondering if newspaper would work better if you got it wet and matted it down more often. This year we did biodegradable plastic rows for all our squash, melons, tomatoes, peppers, etc. But I'm thinking about getting a more thick and durable plastic cover, that'll keep for a longer time, to put around our berries and garlic. We'll see! Trial and error!

  • 18w ago _sheenarae _sheenarae

    @onfalconroad haha yes it's always trial and error!! I have had success with that black mesh stuff- I just need SO much. But last year I just did it between my squash and it really worked great.

  • 18w ago onfalconroad onfalconroad

    @_sheenarae - yeah that's been our problem as well..we're gardening on a 1/4 acre! We decided this year to put cover crop between the rows so that it'll add nutrients to the soil, decrease the weeds and it doesn't mind getting stepped on so much...ha! We'll see if it works!

  • 18w ago tiffanimorgan tiffanimorgan

    Beautiful garden! The lights are so pretty and I'm assuming functional as well!

  • 18w ago mary.crockett mary.crockett

    We use straw for our beds. It helps a little but still a pain to weed. I have yet to find a good remedy for weeds besides any harsh chemicals that actually work. Our best option is just weeding continuously before it gets out of hand. 😫

  • 18w ago ohalmonds ohalmonds

    We use mulching to keep the soil wet. Works for this purpose but not for weeds 😑

  • 18w ago songofwyoming songofwyoming

    I've used straw around my raspberries and it worked great keeping moisture in the soil, and weeds down. You will always have occasional weeds but it reduced them considerably. I've also used newspaper. That worked well between my rows of zinnias. Make sure you anchor it down with soil on the edges. When it's dry the wind likes to play with it and rip it out. It was effective keeping weeds down, although the field bindweed came up around the edges. There's no beating that in my neck of the woods!

  • 18w ago songofwyoming songofwyoming

    One more thing, I kept adding a little straw to the raspberries and it helped continue its effectiveness. I work at a nursery and landscape fabric can be pricey depending on the amount you need but the heavy duty stuff is effective as well. Grass clippings are another great idea!

  • 18w ago anniesilversey anniesilversey

    Hi! I've been enjoying your pictures of Utah for years and decided to give back a little. You may want to read the book "how to have a green thumb without an aching back" by Ruth stout. It's a quick fun read that was written in the 50's. I know refer to Ruth like she's my neighbor dishing advice daily. Her method the hay / straw / compost keeps weeds down and moisture level up. We're in NJ and had drought last summer and only watered two times and barely weeded at all. Good luck! There's nothing more satisfying than growing and eating your own food

  • 18w ago ytzen_handel ytzen_handel

    We use salt marsh hay and wood chips to keep weeds down and to keep the soil moist!

  • 18w ago julieegg julieegg


  • 18w ago ashleigh.chapman ashleigh.chapman

    I'm in FL- so total different climate...but the weeds are a BEAST! putting hay in between my rows really helped ☺️

  • 18w ago jodicatherinekay jodicatherinekay

    I don't have any tips but im happy to find some here! You have the loveliest garden I ever did see ✨

  • 18w ago julseyrings julseyrings

    Have you ever heard of the 'back to eden' garden method? If not look it up. You will never have to till again.

  • 18w ago kristingturley kristingturley

    You make gardening look very magical... ✨☺️

  • 17w ago _jillthomas _jillthomas

    I go Through this debate every year!

  • 17w ago lovetasteco lovetasteco

    Great shot!

  • 17w ago _sheenarae _sheenarae

    @anniesilversey thank you!! I will have to check it out!!

  • 17w ago _sheenarae _sheenarae

    @_jillthomas soooooo much work!! But I still love it!

  • 17w ago paulashawn paulashawn

    Our community garden places cardboard covered with wood chips between the rows to keep wild Nevada from growing in the garden. Good luck (with having 6 more kids!!😜)!

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