Instagram post by @moorejoshua455 Josh Moore

So I traded a couple of my align single rotor helicopters, a 700, 500, and 450 all bind and fly with scorpion motors/esc(long story short a lot of spent money that I had lots of fun with but wasn't using much anymore) for a FpV racing drone and fat shark goggles so now I can fly FPV!!!! I just am so used to flying line of site(on the ground looking at the aircraft) that I thought FPV would be easy😂😂😬. Well it actually is, BUT, it's also very easy to get lost and not know what direction your in or where your quad is in relationships to yourself, but I've only flown fpv once and as anything it's gonna take practice. If you are reading this and don't know about Rc aircraft that is why I'm explaining everything, and if you fly sorry for the explanations just bear with me and let's get more pilots out there to join this incredible hobby. #flycrashrebuildrepeat #drones #fpvquad

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