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Hello my name is Emily and I'm a sheep because I CAVED and got my kids fidget spinners #sellout #caved #sucker #fidgetspinner


  • 13w ago raceadataccadacea8209 raceadataccadacea8209

    I want one! Where did you buy them?!

  • 13w ago mrshotker mrshotker

    I did that last week - my excuse for caving in was to say well done for getting through Naplan week. All three of mine did it this year.

  • 13w ago nicole_thebuilderswife nicole_thebuilderswife

    Was kinda waiting for this post 😉😉 Just because I did the same thing xx

  • 13w ago hashtagcoolmum hashtagcoolmum

    Haha totally just bought two for mine today 😅😅

  • 13w ago elle_roberts_ elle_roberts_

    I caved today too! Bought the kid one (and one for myself!)

  • 13w ago themisscinders themisscinders

    I am sooooooo lucky Benji doesn't go to school 👍

  • 13w ago minimayhem minimayhem

    I'm the worst mother in the world according to my kids because I haven't bought them yet. 😁

  • 13w ago dgrant1278 dgrant1278

    Hahaha welcome to the club

  • 13w ago kylacherie kylacherie

    MIL visited this past weekend and brought two for Mr7. Have already confiscated them twice. He says they help him focus... focus on spinning the darn things anyhoo

  • 13w ago melanie_greenhalgh melanie_greenhalgh

    I also caved the other day and brought them - I am know using them as a way of social control. 'You do that one more time and that fidgety thing is mine......mine I tell ya'. Sound familiar? Xxx

  • 13w ago hellomumtastic hellomumtastic

    Love the look on your face (and the kids'!) Hope you don't mind us reposting this one, Em.

  • 13w ago emilyhavealaugh emilyhavealaugh

    @hellomumtastic not at all 😍

  • 13w ago hellosydneykids hellosydneykids

    Mine are mad for them too #craze

  • 13w ago helen_creates helen_creates

    ours on order!

  • 13w ago mummy_wife_me mummy_wife_me

    Buying those is on my to do list today!

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