Instagram post by @meta6981 Trevor

Quick desert pitstop at family to let the dogs have a break from the road. Only 8 hours something more to roll. #ob1248 #overlandexpowest #overlandbound #jeep #wk2


  • 87w ago bigredgrand bigredgrand

    Loaded up!!

  • 87w ago meta6981 meta6981

    @bigredgrand yessir, we had multiple types of functions this trip. Less of a vacation, more of a business trip with expo tagged on.

  • 82w ago wk2ovi wk2ovi


  • 82w ago cherokeexxrose cherokeexxrose

    I'm fairly curtain this jeep is prepared 😃

  • 82w ago meta6981 meta6981

    @cherokeexxrose that's adventure mode lol

  • 82w ago meta6981 meta6981

    @cherokeexxrose that's adventure mode lol

  • 82w ago slow_wk2 slow_wk2

    Looks like you're ready for the apocalypse

  • 82w ago meta6981 meta6981

    @boosted3.6 I am off the better to have and not need than need and not have mentality

  • 82w ago blackhawk_wk2 blackhawk_wk2

    Are you sure you got everything? Looking good 👍👌

  • 82w ago sandythejeep sandythejeep

    How was the expo?? I'm interested in going next year, it seems like a really good learning experience.

  • 82w ago meta6981 meta6981

    @sandythejeep it's fun especially when camping. If you can take some courses they are very good but fill up fast. All the vendors that attend too you can get some screaming deals.

  • 82w ago theskiingram theskiingram

    All packed up!

  • 82w ago american_grand american_grand

    All packed and ready to go 👍🏻

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