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  • 11w ago lorus_silver lorus_silver

    @gymnastics_intl water is wet

  • 11w ago mit.sim mit.sim

    holy shit you're retarded

  • 11w ago gymnastics_intl gymnastics_intl

    @lorus_silver ok

  • 11w ago randyboatwright2 randyboatwright2

    What caused the ice age? What caused the ice age to end? Global warming when we were not here? One volcano releases more pollution than man has in 100 years. Can we control it no. But yes we should do our part to help. Unlike celebrities like Leonardo claims he is worried about the environment then uses 10,000 gallons of gas on a yacht. Not to bright.

  • 11w ago kayla_hug kayla_hug


  • 11w ago dee_mu_a dee_mu_a

    AllΓ­ lies

  • 10w ago official228th official228th

    The earth will never flood again

  • 10w ago hildebrandmarcius hildebrandmarcius


  • 10w ago _nicolewatson_ _nicolewatson_


  • 10w ago moor.wyatt moor.wyatt


  • 9w ago steinyyyyyy steinyyyyyy


  • 9w ago ethan_scherm ethan_scherm


  • 9w ago davidleoallison davidleoallison

    No such thing as a "climate denier".

  • 9w ago h.ollyscholten h.ollyscholten

    Actually lmao no. I don't just sit on the internet and take people's word for it. I did a whole research project on it, and believe it or not, we are fine.

  • 9w ago h.ollyscholten h.ollyscholten

    Funny how everyone throws a fit when they think the world is getting a little warmer or when an animal is hurt and no one drops everything to rescue it but when a women says "it's my body" and kills the unborn baby inside her no one blinks an eye

  • 9w ago travieso53 travieso53

    And yet you, Bill, want them to be put in prisons.

  • 8w ago alextoniteshow alextoniteshow

    This guy is a fucking joke

  • 8w ago hreinnen hreinnen

    he isn't a scientist but an actor βš‘πŸ’€πŸ”₯πŸ₯€πŸ’€πŸ₯€πŸ”₯πŸ’€βš‘

  • 8w ago dr_boombastic dr_boombastic

    Over half of the country is literally retarded, the lobbyists and politicians who tried to keep the American people ignorant did too good a job.

  • 8w ago dr_boombastic dr_boombastic

    @alextoniteshow non dude, you are the fucking joke. You are a Mexican defending the Republicans that Bill Nye is trying to expose, you are everything that's wrong with the world in a nutshell, dumb ass bitches defending the very people who's been fucking them over.

  • 8w ago alextoniteshow alextoniteshow

    Oh the irony

  • 8w ago alextoniteshow alextoniteshow

    @dr_boombastic Bill Nye isn't real opposition you dickhead. He's a fucking actor who plays the role of the scientist to push the carbon tax legislation behind the global warming scam which has been repeatedly exposed by real scientist with real data. Do your fucking research, you prick.

  • 8w ago alextoniteshow alextoniteshow

    @dr_boombastic maybe you're too busy being a DICKHEAD, go read some real science, you β€œgreen entrepreneur and astronomer" jerk.

  • 8w ago dr_boombastic dr_boombastic

    @alextoniteshow ahahaha "Bill Nye is an actor + carbon tax conspiracy" oh wow I didn't know Mexicans watch Breitbart and Fox News too, you do know they are right wing propaganda machines and the rednecks who watch those channels would gladly shoot a Mexican in the face if it were legal right? If you want truly unbiased information check out Wikinews and Quora.

  • 7w ago parthpro parthpro

    There is global warming, there is climate change, but it won't stop me buying that 6.4L dodge charger SRT 392!!!

  • 7w ago jan.tishchenko jan.tishchenko

    I believe in global warming but bill is a joke and he ain't no scientist.

  • 7w ago ella_sk11nner_2004 ella_sk11nner_2004

    Bill nye the science guy

  • 7w ago jaco_andilious jaco_andilious

    More like Bill Nye, The Lie Guy

  • 7w ago intergallactic_jellybean intergallactic_jellybean


  • 7w ago x.x_katrina_x.x x.x_katrina_x.x


  • 7w ago fallosteve fallosteve

    It's insulation no science talk needed Jesus

  • 7w ago thorthoriqq thorthoriqq

    And u just look at one logic theory that ever came out from that ironic cartoon character's messed up mouth πŸ˜‚

  • 6w ago jon_premosch_photo jon_premosch_photo


  • 5w ago img_eleanorroosevelt img_eleanorroosevelt

    You also don't look at just 3 years of the stock market you look at the entire history of the market and you will see trends just like if you look at the entirety of the earth history climate has had trends and on the whole were moving towards a new Ice age with the polar ice caps gaining ice at +30% per year. We are fine and insignificant humans are small and weak and our output is small and weak. We cannot destroy this giant hunk of rock and iron flying through space at thousands of mph. It has outlived several disasters and it will outlive us, without a doubt. Thinking we can kill the earth is just a different form of the arrogance that allowed people to think that they were the center of the universe. You are small, get over it.

  • 5w ago cara_delequeen__ cara_delequeen__


  • 4w ago sierrasikes sierrasikes

    It's hilarious that you consider him an authority on science lol

  • 2w ago keianh keianh

    They're asking the wrong question. Look into what Tesla rediscovered, the numerous weather manipulation patterns, the many times in recent years it has been admitted, it being weather manipulation, and lastly how many HAARP stations currently exist. PS - Bill Nye is an actor who has gone on record stating that he is not a scientist.

  • 1w ago chloe.jane.jackson chloe.jane.jackson

    He's stupid he didn't talk about all the Pollution caused my slaughter houses going vegan is a great way to help the planet if you can start there the world might have a chance

  • 5d ago ullixxs ullixxs

    @img_eleanorroosevelt I think you underestimate that a bit. We ARE changing the climate through CO2 and other greenhouse gases. And I don't think that "we are too small" is true. The amount of realesed gases is just enourmus. Btw, we technically could erase human live from earth with Atom bombs. Look at photos from Hiroshima or Nagasaki. If we can do something horrible like this, do you really think that we can't change the weather? Hell, we have even been on the moon! If we can do things like that, we can surley change the climate too

  • 3d ago matthew.lanza matthew.lanza

    Pretty sure the stock market and the climate have nothing to do with each other

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