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Instagram post by @longestacresfarm Kate MacLean

As always she handled the job with unimpeachable integrity and enviable humility. Now she's playing with the kids. Our other dog smells like a dead animal, spent the day terrorizing my parents' cats and ate a sleeve of toddler-reserved cookies. #winsomelosesome


  • 36w ago homesweethomestead homesweethomestead

    Pond envy, always and forever. ❤️

  • 36w ago reallybigkelly reallybigkelly

    I live for your captions

  • 36w ago braebankfarm braebankfarm

    😬😂 we'd hand you a drink right now if we could! 🍻

  • 35w ago slowdownfarmstead slowdownfarmstead

    Your words are so beautiful. Did you have this pond dug? If so, how deep and do you have to aerate somehow?

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