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Instagram post by @_sheenarae sheena

Picture perfect motherhood- snowy mountains, smiling well mannered children, and I'm sure there is a deer prancing somewhere in the background. Swipe right for the Actual Portrait of Motherhood: usually things don't go as planned.
You guys, it's hard....this whole mothering thing. It's such a balancing act and I've found myself (especially this last year) falling off the beam more than once. But what I'm realizing, (and it's the BEST)....kids don't care! They love you no matter what. They still think you're great and funny and the best mom, even if you are feeling like you've totally dropped the ball. Or all the balls. Or you can't even remember where the balls are, and when you find them they will all be flat.
And what's great about this photo is you really can't tell if I'm trying to pull them up, or if I'm using them to prevent me from falling down(it's mostly that one, let's be honest), and that's kind of how life is with these kids. We are all raising each other- pulling each other up mountains along the way.
So yeah, motherhood is hard and messy and tiring and sometimes really tricky to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing. But it's also kind of the best, and I can't imagine life without these two little people that are mine.
Put that on a hallmark card.


  • 18w ago kellysouthwell kellysouthwell

    One of the best mamas I know! 😘

  • 18w ago monniecox monniecox

    Thanks for always pulling me up the mountain and being a second mama to mine! 😘

  • 18w ago _jillthomas _jillthomas

    Happy Mother's Day friend!!!

  • 18w ago kristingturley kristingturley

    You always know how to say just the right thing! I love your posts!! 💕 Happy Mother's Day!!

  • 18w ago jillseare jillseare

  • 18w ago lauriedonn lauriedonn

    I love your posts. Really. Well said!

  • 18w ago tiffanimorgan tiffanimorgan

    Well said! You've always had a wonderful way with words! Happy Mother's Day Sheena!

  • 18w ago macs_explore macs_explore

    You have such a way with words! So very true. All of it.

  • 18w ago kelly__krug kelly__krug

    Beautiful post! Beautiful family! Happy Mother's Day!

  • 18w ago julia_lou julia_lou


  • 18w ago adventuringmama adventuringmama

    so well said! 💜

  • 18w ago paulashawn paulashawn

    You're all lucky to be ascending your lovely mountain of life together!🏔

  • 18w ago jdaines jdaines

    ❤️ this

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