Instagram post by @balzerdesigns Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there and most especially to the beautiful, intelligent, funny, loving, and special woman I'm lucky enough to call Mom. She taught me to work hard, be both kind & generous, and that it's perfectly okay to eat lemon meringue pie for breakfast. 😁 Love you lots. ❀ #juliesmomisawesome


  • 53w ago cherylannyoung22 cherylannyoung22

    Lucky you. Such a sweet little girl and you have bloomed into an amazing artist, who is still blooming everyday.πŸ˜™πŸ‘πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’œ

  • 53w ago pinkepinkecreative pinkepinkecreative

    And although you often "nag" on each other in the podcast... It's soooo fake!😜 you can't hide you are two different personalities but also so similar.. And the bond between you both is so awesome to experience by earπŸ˜‰ happy mother-daughterday!!πŸ‘

  • 53w ago somethinglisa somethinglisa

    Such a sweet photo!

  • 53w ago lauriebird89015 lauriebird89015

    Without your beautiful mama Julie we would not have you. God Bless Your mama Julie. You are my inspirational angel. I am your biggest fan from Las Vegas Nevada.....Henderson too. Enjoy your day and know your very special ....

  • 53w ago lauriebird89015 lauriebird89015

    Thank you for being you...From Laurie πŸ˜‡β€πŸŒΈπŸ’πŸŒ·πŸŒΉπŸŒ»πŸŒž

  • 53w ago ooakartisans ooakartisans

    Awwww so sweet!

  • 53w ago victoriamariescraps victoriamariescraps

    Wow! Gorgeous photo!!

  • 53w ago reddoglady reddoglady

    love great pic

  • 53w ago pauladevi pauladevi

    Beautiful photo.

  • 53w ago tkdmom00 tkdmom00

    Of course it is okay to eat lemon meringue pie for breakfast! You have to get your fruit in somewhere. MIght as well start the day right.

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