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When I was 12, my daddy had a heart attack. All three of my brothers were off in the military, and Daddy was out of work for a long time. We lost our family station wagon, and we were about an inch away from losing our home. One day, I walked into my mother’s room and found her crying. She said, “We are not going to lose this house.” She wiped her eyes, blew her nose, and pulled on her best dress – the one she wore to funerals and graduations. At 50 years old, she walked down the street and got her first paying job: answering the phones at Sears. That minimum wage job saved our home, and my mother saved our family. I learned in that moment how mothers do what needs to be done to fight back. Whether you’re a mother or grandmother like me, or you plan to celebrate or remember the special women in your life, I hope you and your loved ones have a very happy Mother’s Day.


  • 1w ago ywolski ywolski

    Amen! There's no stronger person than a mother!

  • 1w ago cloroxgrl cloroxgrl

    I just found the time to read this post. I'm glad I did. Strong women rock! You rock!

  • 1w ago ninny549 ninny549

    Thank you Elizabeth for fighting for all women's God bless you and your family's

  • 1w ago sixpackfordays sixpackfordays

    Great story. It's like your mom pulled herself up by her bootstraps

  • 1w ago sandramoriarity sandramoriarity

    Beautiful story! My mom did the same thing at 50 with eight kids at home after my dad had a stroke. She's still fighting today at age 95!

  • 1w ago rcbaker8 rcbaker8

    Spicy boy @oldrowofficial

  • 1w ago _inc83 _inc83

    @elizabethwarrenma I'm ready to join your campaign for 2020 if you'll have me... I absolutely love you and what you stand for. You don't tolerate inequities and aren't afraid who knows it. I have a chronic illness where I'm in pain constantly and have not been able to work. I literally have nothing keeping me from helping you in your campaign. I want to join the fight against people like Drumpf.

  • 1w ago la_mizia la_mizia

    nice picture!

  • 6d ago katiefdez katiefdez

    @madiefdez @lcfdez

  • 6d ago stephaniachristian stephaniachristian

    Excellent ! Strong woman ! Resilience the story of humanity entire !

  • 6d ago mildnarcissism mildnarcissism

    you are an incredible woman and an inspiration to a generation of young, ambitious people

  • 6d ago ncjunius ncjunius

    Can you run for president, please? @elizabethwarrenma

  • 6d ago alexmlevy alexmlevy


  • 6d ago annamaria.sannttos annamaria.sannttos

    So adorable, sad and inspiration 🙏🌹👋

  • 6d ago danielallen1738 danielallen1738

    Democrats lie constantly, for example, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Chelsea Clinton

  • 6d ago littlejourney_ littlejourney_

    You are such an amazing person...A comment on Instagram could not do it justice.

  • 6d ago streetpopulace streetpopulace


  • 5d ago bneumann0 bneumann0

    Your mom should have aborted you.

  • 5d ago ritame1979 ritame1979

    What an amazing story!!! You are also a great mother and a great person , do not believe the vas comments some ignorant people make about you . My dear you inspire me . I hope one day you will be the first woman president !!!! I'm not the only wishing that is a lot of us!!!!! May God Bless you and your family💕💕🙏🏼🌺🙏🏼🌺

  • 5d ago sand6171 sand6171

    C ash opportunities

  • 5d ago emilyeirvine emilyeirvine

    Beaitiful! I love this. Thank you @elizabethwarrenma for standing up and doing what's right. You are a role model for women and men.

  • 4d ago loie5 loie5

    If more mothers today thought like your mother, there would be a lot less people standing with their hands out and waiting for someone else to save them.

  • 4d ago njw_76 njw_76

    Since you support the abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood, maybe your mother should've just aborted you to avoid having an extra mouth to feed and to save the rest of us from your libtard nonsense.

  • 3d ago lovelife2591 lovelife2591

    You looked hateful then and you are hateful now! Support our nation success!!Keep the American citizens safe and support our President success! Resist hate! Love all your countrymen and stop spewing lies and hate!

  • 3d ago jessicarabbit221 jessicarabbit221

    I can see how a smiling young girl and her mother look hateful 😉😉

  • 2d ago _kid_icarus _kid_icarus

    She should have aborted you and saved of the hassle of raising you

  • 1d ago z3a0c3h z3a0c3h

    Still want to let in more Muslims dumb dike

  • 1d ago josiewheel josiewheel

    Right on MR President. It's called. PAY YOUR OWN WAY. GOT THAT CORRUPT WARREN 👎

  • 1d ago jepakirk jepakirk

    You are an inspiration, ma'am!

  • 1d ago

    We win. You lose. 💋 🇺🇸 and stop yelling at the American people you school marm. I can tell u a fact. The majority of women DO NOT like you and Hillary. @nancypelosi

  • 1d ago jessicastevens jessicastevens


  • 21h ago sheridanevans1 sheridanevans1

    @nicoleleannhop over 500k!

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