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Instagram post by @elizabethwarrenma Elizabeth Warren

When I was 12, my daddy had a heart attack. All three of my brothers were off in the military, and Daddy was out of work for a long time. We lost our family station wagon, and we were about an inch away from losing our home. One day, I walked into my mother’s room and found her crying. She said, “We are not going to lose this house.” She wiped her eyes, blew her nose, and pulled on her best dress – the one she wore to funerals and graduations. At 50 years old, she walked down the street and got her first paying job: answering the phones at Sears. That minimum wage job saved our home, and my mother saved our family. I learned in that moment how mothers do what needs to be done to fight back. Whether you’re a mother or grandmother like me, or you plan to celebrate or remember the special women in your life, I hope you and your loved ones have a very happy Mother’s Day.


  • 16w ago rossnesbitt rossnesbitt

    Great story

  • 15w ago peruginirob peruginirob

    What is your daddy on your Apache side of your Navajo side of your family?

  • 15w ago peruginirob peruginirob

    That story is better than Ambien

  • 15w ago peruginirob peruginirob

    Maybe if your mom got a job before 50 , and before the brink of losing everything that was dear to her, it might not have come to that.

  • 15w ago josh13taylor josh13taylor

    I hope you get a heart attach

  • 15w ago josh13taylor josh13taylor


  • 15w ago dream_on_32 dream_on_32

    Check my profile anyone please like my pictures

  • 15w ago moelmiar moelmiar

    @jeanblacknblue and you believe her?? Ja ja ja...this woman is a pathetic liar! Open your eyes!!

  • 15w ago thelittlestwolfe thelittlestwolfe

    @elizabethwarrenma loved you on pod save America!!

  • 15w ago sgrose81 sgrose81

    You are one pathetic loser

  • 15w ago designerpain designerpain

    Why aren't you in your ⛺️ teepee?

  • 15w ago murdog73 murdog73

    And the point of've your story Elizabeth?

  • 15w ago xglobal_world xglobal_world

    We are the world! ;)

  • 15w ago padilla5299 padilla5299

    What can be done with what is in office??

  • 15w ago artistdoloresv artistdoloresv

    Amazing !! That's what we woman do. We provide and take care of our families

  • 15w ago mezzostudioprod mezzostudioprod


  • 15w ago jillmsstc jillmsstc

    Thanks for sharing- an important message for those who want to understand how much our country has changed and created barriers for the middle class

  • 15w ago totallyjanie totallyjanie

    So special👏👏👏👏😂😂

  • 15w ago lolo_and_ru lolo_and_ru

    Beautiful 💕

  • 12w ago mariondriver mariondriver

    Beautiful ... 🌸❤🌸

  • 12w ago almavarilhesslama almavarilhesslama

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Inspirational

  • 12w ago andreavashan andreavashan


  • 11w ago lafabrikarte lafabrikarte


  • 10w ago michaelascarie michaelascarie


  • 10w ago crystaltyease crystaltyease

    Women always do...what we have to

  • 9w ago texan_rose_90 texan_rose_90

    #StrongWomen ❤️💪🏽 Baby!

  • 8w ago jebmcnees jebmcnees

    @crystalyease unless it's the dishes

  • 7w ago maciluca maciluca


  • 7w ago kissmyblackgritss kissmyblackgritss

    Yassss ✊🏾👏Mama

  • 5w ago zheikone zheikone


  • 5d ago bebold29 bebold29

    My dad died last year, after 64 years of marriage. My mom, 85, living alone for the very first time in her life and losing her vision is showing a strong side she herself probably never knew she had. And neither did I. I think she is surprising herself sometimes with her strength to keep going thru her grief and illnesses with as much help as out of state and really busy kids/extended family can offer. It takes a village our whole lives. I've never felt so proud of my mom. This kind of life change is not for the faint if heart, but she feels strongly my dad is helping her every day to stay strong. She lives in MA and never misses you when you speak. We women can be feisty at any age. Never rule us out as leaving our power behind. We all have it inside and women like you help it feel safe enough for women who have always been being the scenes, like your mom, to speak out. You are not just leading the way for the younger generation, but for all the generations of women who were afraid to be out, loud and proud at any age. Heaping blessings on you. For helping my mom find her strong places.

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