Instagram post by @theyoel Yoely Lebovits פעסטער רבי

Hundreds of men women and children gathered around a Huge lit fire of cotton and olive oil to commemorate #lagbaomer the day for the 2nd century tannaic sage Reb Shimon bar Yochai who revealed the #mystical teachings of #kaballah and lead the way towards the wisdom of #chassidus which will lead us all to the ultimate redemption soon in our days. When the entire world will be one. Love eachother as one and unite as one.
In the photo: at the shul of my dear father the Nikolsburg Rebbe shlita, woman watching the men dance in front of the fire lit by the rebbe.
Extra credit if you roll back to My very first post on my Instagram page and wish me happy instaversarry. LAG SAMEACH



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