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Instagram post by @balzerdesigns Julie Fei-Fan Balzer


  • 18w ago kimosabescraps kimosabescraps


  • 18w ago craftwithmay craftwithmay

    I need to try this!

  • 18w ago hudsonsailor27 hudsonsailor27


  • 18w ago noony88 noony88

    Notan! Love it!

  • 18w ago paulamacmillanperich paulamacmillanperich

    What an awesome machine!

  • 18w ago ooakartisans ooakartisans

    I want this machine but I'd have to sneak it past Mel... right now I could as we are packing up my studio, one more thing wouldn't get noticed. But if a another box arrives he might lose it!

  • 18w ago heymamasnaps heymamasnaps

    For real? That thing cut out your design? What is that? Amazing machine and Artwork that definately would be addicting!

  • 18w ago elenigratsia elenigratsia

    Absolutely brilliant! !!!!

  • 18w ago sheridelcore sheridelcore

    Is that a "Brother" scan-cut?!

  • 18w ago balzerdesigns balzerdesigns

    @heymamasnaps @sheridelcore Yes, this the @brotherscanncutusa

  • 18w ago sheridelcore sheridelcore

    @balzerdesigns Thanks Julie--soooo cool!

  • 18w ago ellejack01 ellejack01

    Love that happy face

  • 18w ago pdot707 pdot707

    Those just fascinate me.

  • 18w ago plan.do.repeat plan.do.repeat

    Yup! Im addicted to watching you make these! πŸ˜‰

  • 18w ago lifeofmezz lifeofmezz

    Is it true these aren't available in Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί? After seeing your last post I have been looking for this machine but can't find it here , only the older models . Do u have any idea ?

  • 18w ago katejc1 katejc1

    So cool! Never really wanted one of those machines until I saw this!

  • 18w ago heymamasnaps heymamasnaps

    @balzerdesigns Thank you :)

  • 18w ago sparknotes sparknotes

    Ok...like I need another machine! That's amazing and you're killing the faces!

  • 18w ago balzerdesigns balzerdesigns

    @lifeofmezz The numbers of the machines are different in each country. I'm pretty sure that Australia and the US have equal machines, just with different numbers. Contact your local @brotheraustralia dealer.

  • 18w ago brothersews brothersews

    Hi, balzerdesigns! We love your photo and would like to feature it! if you agree, reply #iagree. Click the link in our bio to view our Terms and Conditions. http://is.gd/J7NsaE

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