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Instagram post by @acaciabrinley Acacia Brinley Clark

These last few days have been rough but will be so worth it once Brinley is finally here!  My hospital bag is packed (full of @loccitaneusa goodies) to make sure I have everything I need for some pampering after the baby arrives! #ToMomWithLove #LoveLoccitane #Ad


  • 27w ago hennabaliart hennabaliart

    Can't wait to see baby brinley♥♥ hope everything goes easily! Best wishes to ur fam♥

  • 27w ago nurxapp nurxapp


  • 27w ago becca__fleming becca__fleming

    @odetojennylis maybe a chill a little bit, she might be waiting until after the baby is born to write them. You have no idea of knowing. If your friend was having a baby and you were promised a thank you card, would you be leaving the same comments on her instagram post? or would you treat her with a little bit more respect?

  • 27w ago noellekuklis noellekuklis

    how and when do you say who's the winner at your giveaway? @acaciabrinley

  • 27w ago jenny__lis jenny__lis

    @beccayantz how would she write them after throwing away all the packages??? if she cleaned up her nursery there would be no way to send out thank you cards. her fans even asked where they were and she ignored them constantly. it isn't that hard. don't defend her shitty actions when she had months to do it.

  • 27w ago claris.b claris.b

    Lool literally on the verge of giving birth yet still got time for that paid promo

  • 27w ago becca__fleming becca__fleming

    @odetojennylis so basically, let me get this straight. You're assuming that she hasn't written down the addresses that were on all the bulky boxes before she threw them away? Because who would keep a shit ton of boxes just for addresses? Thats just silly. and you should really think about your argument for a second because you're not a mom and there's a lot that you probably haven't ever had to do so you don't know how it's done. Sure it would've been less stressful to get thank you notes out before the baby arrived but so would uploading her video that she posted yesterday. This brand deal she's doing was probably planned for before she went into labor. Nothing ever goes as planned but that doesn't mean it won't get done. Also it's kind of really gross that you feel so entitled to a thank you note. A thank you note is a courtesy and not a right. I think it would be hilarious to see you react this way to a friend not sending you a thank you note after her baby shower. Acacia is an actual person and I'm sure that you would NEVER talk to a friend this way - because you wouldn't have any friends if you did.

  • 27w ago becca__fleming becca__fleming

    @odetojennylis also, the act of sending thank you cards can take days depending on how many people you have to thank. So just assuming that it's something "small" she has to do is veeeeeery ignorant of you. You'll have to send out thank you notes one day for something, I'm sure of it. So I hope you think about this when you do.

  • 27w ago xandraleigh xandraleigh

    @odetojennylis It literally took me 4 months to get the thank you cards for my wedding written and sent and I completely forget to send them for my bridal shower. Being rude about it in a public space is just uncool. Life happens and gets in the way of things. You have no idea if she isn't working on them or is. There is no need to create an issue while she's in labor.

  • 27w ago jenny__lis jenny__lis

    @xandraleigh @beccayantz again, stop dismissing her shitty actions. she had MONTHS to do it and had help from her boyfriend. she could've easily sent out a few or thanked her fans on twitter her CONSTANTLY spam her. acacia just uses her followers and if you're blind to that then that's your problem. have a great day ladies.

  • 27w ago becca__fleming becca__fleming

    @odetojennylis you're a very bitter person who refuses the opportunity to be understanding and patient. What a fatal flaw. I hope you feel compassion for something one day. 💕

  • 27w ago jenny__lis jenny__lis

    @beccayantz would be compassionate and understanding if she actually knew how to thank her fans correctly even on twitter ❤️❤️

  • 27w ago iihabibaii iihabibaii

    @rawan_elshiwyy ouchyy😂😂

  • 27w ago elizabethsolleder elizabethsolleder

    Boiiiiii even her hospital bag is sponsored oh my god 😭 @give.me.therapy

  • 27w ago cecilia_elise cecilia_elise

    @odetojennylis personally I waited until after my pregnancy and until I had all my gifts to send out thank you cards that way I could get it done all together so maybe that's what she's doing 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • 27w ago cecilia_elise cecilia_elise

    @odetojennylis she literally couldn't written down a list of all the presents she got with the names and addresses... like most pregnant women do.

  • 27w ago woahcissy woahcissy

    @odetojennylis I helped my cousin write thank you notes after she had her baby. That's what a lot of women do, actually. During the time of pregnancy, there's so much to prepare just for the baby and I wouldn't expect for you to understand right now because you seem too young to be a mother. She's probably really busy and in a lot of discomfort. Even as a person who isn't pregnant, writing all those thank you notes was tiring (and they took about 2 months to send out). I think everyone else's point here is that you should probably wait a few months after Brinley is born before jumping to conclusions immediately.

  • 27w ago mammamayaa mammamayaa

    so excited for you! when is your due date?

  • 27w ago brianna_alwxis brianna_alwxis

    Yay so excited to see little Brinley

  • 27w ago ella.k.b ella.k.b


  • 27w ago anthy.tran anthy.tran

    @nchaud giong di buon mp jon la di de ngiu nhi

  • 27w ago catweapons catweapons

    youre telling me thw baby's name is gonna be brinley brinley

  • 27w ago nikischmitt nikischmitt

    The last name will be Clark :) @catweapons

  • 27w ago cuteblrx cuteblrx

    @catweapons @nikischmitt Brinley is Acacia's middle name, The last name will be Kersey

  • 27w ago nikischmitt nikischmitt

    Daww that's super cute I'm excited! @cuteblrx

  • 27w ago narmin__y narmin__y

    Ayransan az

  • 27w ago cascadingcause cascadingcause

    Loccitane actually has a lot of ingredients in it that has caused it to be pulled off markets overseas because of strong links to cancer..

  • 27w ago night_girl_88 night_girl_88

    I love goodies 💗😊

  • 27w ago night_girl_88 night_girl_88

    @thestarsfromoureyes you jinxed her because she did have her on Mother's Day 😊😊😊

  • 27w ago night_girl_88 night_girl_88

    @zoecharlottethomas one can't just push it out ...

  • 27w ago wanderingboness wanderingboness

    @agent_x_88 I died when I saw the pics!! I was scrolling through my feed and didn't expect to see them and literally screamed

  • 27w ago jakschool_pondokkopi jakschool_pondokkopi


  • 27w ago winnizzle_ winnizzle_

    Get those $$$$

  • 27w ago winnizzle_ winnizzle_

    You go girl

  • 27w ago sarahabazah sarahabazah


  • 27w ago its.really.haley its.really.haley

    @acaciabrinley can you tell me where this bag is from? 😍

  • 25w ago anistyynn anistyynn

    Your extra

  • 20w ago jasminee.s.may jasminee.s.may

    Where did you get that bag?

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