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The love that I have for my Queen is limitless therefore there is no limit to what I can and will do to protect my Queen from any and every threat. With all the hatred, lies, and bad business that we have recieved this last week has led us to a real fight that I am determined to win to secure our future. We are currently shopping for legal backing that we can trust to fight for us with a similar passion that I have for her and we have for each other. We are located in Guilford county, NC and have very close ties to our home town of Durham, NC. We have already contacted some legal advice but with a potential fight with a fortune 500 company we are seeking the absolute best. If you have any good established references please tag them or direct message either of us. We are determined to show the world what these "NIGGERS" can do. #ExposeThem #ThroughTheFire #IAmNotYourNegro #StandForSomthing


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    Cuz where you haven't hears from you😝😝😝


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