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Instagram post by @elizabethwarrenma Elizabeth Warren

Glad to see 2 terrific fighters for working families at the @massdems #mdpconvention yesterday: @maura_healey & @jasonkander.


  • 15w ago ramfrausto ramfrausto


  • 15w ago annmarieb3320 annmarieb3320

    Ok...do you know what's going on in London???? Get a grip @elizabethwarrenma

  • 15w ago marxistglue marxistglue

    @annmarieb3320 shes a senator in the UNITED STATES not the UK, you kook.

  • 15w ago zenanddancing zenanddancing

    @elizabethwarrenma You're amazing! I'm an American traveling in Europe right now & the world is with "us". They despise Trump's childish behaviors, especially how he treated other world leaders. Thankfully the Europeans know that Americans are not all like our current president. Also, reading one of your books right now! Reminds me a lot of my youth & growing up poor, even though I'm much younger then you, I definitely relate to so many of your experiences. Thank you for your dedication to the United States & the world! We are ALL in this together! ❤️🌎❤️

  • 15w ago jennymarie73 jennymarie73

    Keep it up, Jason!! Some of us know how hard it must be in MO right now!!

  • 15w ago ljbreel ljbreel

    The wicked witch of the east!

  • 15w ago marcos_m1989 marcos_m1989

    Leftists "fighting for working families" 😒 😒 Bullsh*t

  • 15w ago shiva4senate2018 shiva4senate2018

    @annmarieb3320 @ljbreel @270gio @pjconklin @thebrennan2000 @libertarian.72 are you all by any chance Massachusetts voters?

  • 15w ago justjason626 justjason626


  • 15w ago njsuhr njsuhr

    Go get them tomorrow girl!!✊🏻

  • 15w ago rezamyqn rezamyqn


  • 15w ago lwysocki108 lwysocki108

    @elizabethwarrenma please answer the questions that so many of us Bernie Sanders supporters have for you? Do we not deserve your time? Are our questions irrelevant to you? Or, do you hope we will forget? I will not consider taking you seriously until you answer why you didn't stand with Standing Rock, and why you failed to back Bernie Sanders! And why did you sellout and endorse HER??? But I won't settle for your nonanswers that mainstream media let's you get away with! #realtalkwarren

  • 15w ago nischalp8l nischalp8l


  • 15w ago nischalp8l nischalp8l


  • 15w ago sgrose81 sgrose81

    Hahaha trump won again

  • 14w ago z3a0c3h z3a0c3h

    Since when did you care about working families your a democrat and they are not refugees....

  • 13w ago shiva4senate2018 shiva4senate2018

    @nischalp8l @sgrose81 @z3a0c3h let's vote her out of office. Vote for Shiva Ayyadurai to replace her. Shiva4senate

  • 13w ago sgrose81 sgrose81

    @lwysocki108 didnt he sell you guys out for Hillary since her team rigged the election between her and Bernie. Than she bought him a house on the lake to keep him quiet. I guess Bernie can be bought. #sellout

  • 13w ago lwysocki108 lwysocki108

    @sgrose81 wtf are you talking about

  • 9w ago wsky.tngo wsky.tngo

    So much crookery in this photo.

  • 7w ago paolocorcoran70 paolocorcoran70

    If you want to help families help us afford HEALTH CARE!!!! I'm a hard working American and YOUR Presidents plan makes me pay a fee because y'all made it so expensive!!! Tell ME. How this makes sense??????

  • 7w ago emily581 emily581

    Geoff Diehl for Senate

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