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  • 63w ago enchantedexploralora enchantedexploralora

    Your family is precious!

  • 63w ago janniepannies janniepannies


  • 63w ago kadrashalane kadrashalane


  • 63w ago andiilew andiilew

    Love this, a dad really taking care of his kids 😊

  • 63w ago farmbeard_ farmbeard_

    @andiilew they're my entire life. Best things I ever did.

  • 63w ago h_richards86 h_richards86

    I am happy to see that things finally worked out for you all your time and hard work payed off nothing like kids in one's life to bring smiles to faces and unconditional love. Great pictures of you three.

  • 63w ago andiilew andiilew

    @farmbeard_ much respect for you, single parenting ain't for the faint hearted. More dads like you this world needs and more mothers valuing the role of a dad

  • 62w ago thebeardedpositivity thebeardedpositivity



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